10.26 The Market Revolution and the Age of Jackson


Brinkley Chapters 9-10


1.15    The West, the Populist Insurgency, and Progressivism

T 1.15         A 55 mins.

Exam Debrief

HW: Please read chapter 16

W 1.16        B 55 mins.

The West

Turner Frontier Excerpts

The Dawes Act (1887)

The Chinese Exclusion Act (1882)

Echoes of the Chinese Exclusion Act

HW: Please read Patricia Limerick’s “The Legacy of Conquest: America’s Conflicted Frontier” and answer the following questions:

How did the Chinese emerge as scapegoats in California politics?

Compare and contrast Jim Crow of the West with Jim Crow of the South.

How and why were Mormon’s persecuted?

Due Tuesday 1.22 at 8:15am

Th 1.17            C 55 mins.

The West

The Chinese Question, Thomas Nast

Rules for Indian Schools

Kamehameha Schools (1887)

HW: Brinkley, Chapter 15 “The New South”

T 1.22                A 55 mins.

The West

HW: Brinkley, Chapter 19, “The Politics of Equilibrium,” “The Agrarian Revolt,” and “The Crisis of the 1890s”

W 1.23                B 55 mins.

Dr. Gary Ford

HW: The Farmers Plight

The Peoples’ Party

Farmers’ Declaration of Independence

Mary Lease, “In Defense of Home and Hearth”

Tom Watson, “The Negro Question in the South”

Th 1.24            C 55 mins.


People’s Party Platform

M 1.28                E 70 mins.


HW: Please read Brinkley, Chapter 17

W 1.30                A 55 mins.

Industrialization, Wealth, and Labor

Election of 1896 and the Cross of Gold Speech

Populism Political Cartoons

SAQ on Populism

HW: Prep of LEQ on the Populism. Review unit on the West as well.

Th 1.31                B 55 mins.

LEQ on Populism

F 2.1                    C 55 mins.


HW: Please review Chapter 15, “The New South,” Booker T. Washington, “The Atlanta Exposition Address” and W.E.B. DuBois, The Souls of Black Folk, Of Mr. Booker T. Washington and Others

T 2.5                    A 55 mins.

Debrief LEQ

The New South

Literacy Rates

Lynching Statistics

Senator Ben Tillman’s speech on Lynch Laws, 1907

HW: Review Chapter 17. Read Chapter 18 and 20 by Monday

W 2.6                    B 55 mins.

Origins of Progressivism

Gallery of Lewis Hine photographs.

Describe what you see in the photograph.

What is the setting of the photograph?

Identify the focal point of the photograph. How do your eyes travel over the photograph?

What or who is the “star” of the photograph? Who are the “supporting characters?”

What do you think is the photograph’s message?

Th 2.7                    C 55 mins.

Progressivism and the Progressive Presidents

M 2.11                    E1 70 mins.


Richard White on Jacob Riis

HW: Please read the Australian Ballot Case Study

W 2.13                     A 55 mins.

Australian Ballot Case Study

HW: Study for MC test Chapters 16-20, excluding sections on Foreign Policy

Th 2.14                    B 55 mins.

MC Test Review   


F 2.15                      C 55 mins.

MC Test