T 1.21        A 55 mins.

Class: Exam Debrief

HW: Brinkley, Chapter 18

W 1.21         B 55 mins.

Class: The Rise of the City

HW: Brinkley, Chapter 20 by Monday

Th 1.22          C 55 mins.

Class: Origins of Progressivism

Muckrakers and Progressive reform

Please view the photographs of Lewis Hine.

HW:  Roots of Progressivism.

Please provide a succinct definition of Progressivism.

Please define the social gospel. Who were the muckrakers?

What makes Herbert Croly a significant figure in the Progressive Movement?

Due Monday at 8:15am

M 1.27          A 55 mins.

Class: Progressive Presidents: TR, Taft, and Wilson

T 1.28        B 55 mins.


HW: Case Study

W 1.29         C 55 mins.

Case Study

HW: Brinkley, Chapter 19, “Stirrings of Imperialism,” “War with Spain,” and “The Republic as Empire”

F 1.31        A 55 mins.

Class: American Imperialism and the Overthrow of the Hawaiian Kingdom

Bayonet Constitution

Albert Beveridge, In Support of American Empire

Platform of the Anti-Imperialist League

Roosevelt Corollary

M 2.3            B 55 mins.

Film: Hawaii’s Last Queen

HW: Brinkley, Chapter 21

T 2.4        C 55 mins.

Foreign Policy under TR, Taft, and Wilson

US Imperialism

Th 2.6        E 70 mins.

Road to War and World War I

Wilson’s statement on American neutrality

Wilson’s War Message to Congress

DuBois, Close Ranks

Wilson’s Fourteen Points

Covenant of the League of Nations

Lodge Reservations