10.22 Assignments

Unit 4 Ages of Jefferson and Jackson 1800-1848


M 10.22    E 70 mins

Review MC Test

The “Revolution” of 1800 and Jefferson’s America

Thomas Jefferson to Gideon Granger

Jefferson’s First Inaugural Address

HW: Read Chapter 7

W 10.24    A 55 mins.

Jefferson’s America and the War of 1812


Cartoon Analysis Worksheet

New England Threat of Secession

HW: Please read the two speeches and answer the following questions:

How does Henry Clay make the case for war?

How does Madison make the case for war?

To what extent does Madison address the concerns of Federalists?

Henry Clay Makes the Case for War

Madison’s War Message

Due Thursday 10.25 8am

Th 10.25   B 55 mins.

The Marshall Court and the Foundations of American Capitalism

HW: Read Chapter 8

F 10.26    C 55 mins

The American System

HW: Letter from Robert Fulton to George Washington

Albert Gallatin Report on Roads and Canals

Madison’s Veto Message

What arguments does Gallatin present for government funding of a canal system? Pay close attention to the last two pages of the document.

What arguments does Robert Fulton present in favor of the construction of a canal?

What were the constitutional issues Madison cites with regard to funding a national transportation system? What do you think of Madison’s reasoning, given the arguments presented by Fulton and Gallatin?

Due Tuesday 8:15 am

T 10.30    A 55 mins

The Marshall Court

The Panic of 1819

The Missouri Compromise

The Election of 1824--”The Corrupt Bargain”

HW: Prepare slide presentations on Chapter 10

Three Slide Presentations:

The Changing American Population

Transportation and Communications

Commerce, Industry, and Work

Social and Cultural Change

W 10.31    B 55 mins.

Slide presentations

HW: Brinkley, Chapter 9

Th 11.1        C 55 mins.

The Age of Jackson

Inauguration Observations

Jackson’s First Inaugural Address

Cherokee Nation v Georgia

Jackson’s Statement on Nullification

M 11.5        E 70 mins.

The Bank War

Jackson’s Veto Statement

With regard to the constitutionality of the Bank, its purpose, and its structure and makeup, what are Jackson’s specific grievances?

Jackson also mentions states' rights several times. What role does he believe states should have in the bank? And what role does he think the general bank should have over state banks?

The Legacy of Andrew Jackson

Henry Clay’s response to Jackson’s Veto

Jackson’s Statement on Nullification

HW: Please read Cherokee Removal Case Study

W 11.7        A 55 mins.

Cherokee Case Study

Th 11.8    B 55 mins.

Cherokee Removal Case Study

HW: DBQ on Jacksonian Democracy

Please submit an outline by 8:15 am.

F    11.9     C 55 mins.

HW: DBQ on Jacksonian Democracy