10.28 The Age of Jackson, cont’d.



M 10.28        A 55 mins.

Class: Debrief Multiple Choice Test

Your group will create a three slide Keynote on one of the following topics: “The Changing American Population,” “Transportation, Communications, and Technology,” “Men and Women at Work,” or “Patterns of Industrial Society”

Please be prepared to present Tuesday. Presentations must have relevant illustrations. Your presentation should last no more than four minutes. You will also have time after your presentation to field questions from the audience.

HW: Please read Brinkley, Chapter 12 by Wednesday

T 10.29          B 55 mins.

Class: Presentations on America’s Economic Revolution

W 10.30        C 55 mins.

Class: Mid-19th Century Reform

HW: Jackson DBQ

F 10.16            E 70 mins.

Class: In Class DBQ

HW: Please Read Brinkley, Chapter 11

T  11.5    A 55 mins.

The Old South

Plantation Slavery

Thomas Jefferson, Notes on the State of Virginia

John Calhoun’s explanation of slavery as a positive good.

George Fitzhugh’s defense of slavery

Mahalia Jackson Steal Away

Mahalia Jackson Joshua Fit the Battle

Mahalia Jackson and Martin Luther King, Jr.

Steal Away

Joshua Fit de Battle

HW: Please read these chapters from Frederick Douglass’s Narrative: Chapters IX and X and this article from the New York Times 1619 project pages 30-40. Imagine that you are an editorial writer for The Northern Star, an abolitionist newspaper. Using Douglass’s Narrative, write a one page, single-spaced response to the defenders of slavery. Due Tuesday 8:15 am.