10.26 The Market Revolution and the Age of Jackson


Brinkley Chapters 9-10


12.4    The West and Populism

W 12.4        C 55 mins.

The West

Turner Frontier Excerpts

The Dawes Act (1887)

The Chinese Exclusion Act (1882)

Echoes of the Chinese Exclusion Act

HW: Please read Patricia Limerick’s “The Legacy of Conquest: America’s Conflicted Frontier” and answer the following questions:

How did the Chinese emerge as scapegoats in California politics?

Compare and contrast Jim Crow of the West with Jim Crow of the South.

How and why were Mormon’s persecuted?

Due Friday at 8:15am

F 12.6            A 55 mins.

The West

The Chinese Question, Thomas Nast

Rules for Indian Schools

Kamehameha Schools (1887)

HW: Brinkley, Chapter 19, “The Politics of Equilibrium,” “The Agrarian Revolt,” and “The Crisis of the 1890s”

M 12.9               B 55 mins.


HW: The Farmers Plight

The Peoples’ Party

Farmers’ Declaration of Independence

Mary Lease, “In Defense of Home and Hearth”

Tom Watson, “The Negro Question in the South”

T 12.10            C 55 mins.


People’s Party Platform

Th 12.12            A 55 mins


HW: Please read Brinkley, Chapter 17

F 12.13                B 55 mins.

Populism Cartoons

Democratic Party Platform

People’s Party Platform

Republican Party Platform

William Jennings Bryan’s Cross of Gold Speech

The Election of 1896

HW: How did technology contribute to industrialization?

How did changes in corporate organization affect the national economy?

What was the Gospel of Wealth and Social Darwinism?

What were the effects of industrialization on workers and how did they respond?