3.30   The Cold War at Home and Abroad                    

M 3.30    A 55 mins.

The Cold War at Home and Abroad


Paul Robeson’s testimony before HUAC

Paul Robeson sings for workers in Australia

T 3.31    B 55 mins.

Post-War America and the Fifties

Prosperity and Conformity

John Kenneth Galbraith, The Affluent Society

What does Galbraith believe to be the greatest negative change in the American economy during the 1950s?

The Other America, Michael Harrington

What is the “other America” of which Harrington speaks?
According to Harrington, how are the poor in America “invisible?”

Betty Friedan, The Feminine Mystique

HW: Brinkley, Chapter 28

W 4.1    C 55 mins.

Civil Rights

The Southern Manifesto

HW: Brinkley, Chapter 29

F 4.3        A 55 mins.

Civil Rights

T 4.6        B 55 mins.

Civil Rights and Vietnam

HW: Read the documents in the following 2001 DBQ and answer the following questions (normal homework format) using the documents:

What were the Cold War fears of the American people in the aftermath of the Second World War?

What did the Eisenhower administration do to address those fears?

How successful was the Eisenhower administration in addressing those fears?

Due Th 8:15am

W 4.7    C 55 mins.

The Sixties

HW: MLK, Letter from a Birmingham Jail

Malcolm X, Message to the Grassroots

Please choose two contrasting passages from each document that illustrate the differences between the two civil rights leaders on goals or strategies. Due Friday 8:15am.

F 4.9    E1 70 mins.

Black Power

SNCC Statement of Purpose 1960

SNCC Position Paper: The Basis of Black Power

Black Panther Party 10 Point Plan

HW: Please complete the DBQ on Civil Rights. Three pages, double spaced. Due Tuesday 4.14 8:15am

T 4.14     A 55 mins.


LBJ’s War

Tonkin Gulf Resolution

HW: Brinkley, Chapter 30

W 4.15    B 55 mins.

Vietnam--Nixon’s War

Th 4.16    C 55 mins.

The Rise of the Right


Ronald Reagan, A Time for Choosing, 1964

Nixon’s Convention Speech, 1968

Robert Kaiser, The Disaster of Richard Nixon

HW: Brinkley, Chapter 31

W 4.22    A 55 mins

The Counterculture

Port Huron Statement

Free Speech Movement


Identity Politics


Th 4.23      B 55 mins.

Seeking Limits: Carter and Reagan

Motter, Jimmy Carter in Context

HW: Vietnam DBQ

Due Friday 4.23 at 8:15am