World War II and the Cold War


W 3.4             C 55 mins.

The Road to War

Atlantic Charter

LIndbergh’s speech to the America First Group

FDR’s “Arsenal of Democracy” fireside chat and prepare to discuss the following quesitons:

According to Roosevelt, what are the dangers of an Axis victory to the United States?

What evidence does FDR use against the appeal for a settlement with the Axis powers?

What is meant by "arsenal of democracy?"

HW: Please read this excerpt from David Kennedy’s Freedom from Fear and prepare to discuss the following questions.

Kennedy argues that the idea of interment was not broached until several weeks after Pearl Harbor. What caused the hysteria that resulted in internment?

Why did FDR delay the release of internees?

In the Korematsu case, on what grounds did the Judiciary criticize the War Department’s case for internment?

According to Kennedy, how was the Japanese American community changed as a result of internment?

F 3.6               E 70 mins.


HW: Please read Brinkley, Chapter 27

T 3.10            A 55 mins.

Finish Casablanca

HW: Finish Chapter 27

W 3.11            B 55 mins.


The War at Home

HW: Please view From Hawai'i to the Holocaust

Th 3.12                C 55 mins.

Cold War

Kennan’s Sources of Soviet Conduct

The Truman Doctrine

NSC 68

HW: Study for DBQ



M 3.16                A 55 mins


W 3.18                C 55 mins.



The New Look

Eisenhower Farewell Address

HW: Please read chapter 29, “Flexible Response,” “The Agony of Vietnam,” “The Traumas of 1968,” and Chapter 30, “Nixon, Kissinger, and the Vietnam War”

W 3.18                C 55 mins


Gulf of Tonkin Resolution

HW: Please read Competing views on Vietnam