The Fifties and Sixties


W 4.17            B 55 mins.

Civil Rights

Southern Manifesto

Letter from a Birmingham Jail

I Have a Dream

Civil Rights Act of 1964

HW: Please read Malcolm X, Ballot or the Bullet

The Black Panthers Program

Th 4.18            C 55 mins.

SNCC Statement of Purpose

SNCC The Basis of Black Power

T 4.23                E 70 mins.

Society and Culture in the Fifties and Sixties

HW: Please read Chapters 30 and 31 by Thursday

Th 4.25                A 55 mins.

Port Huron Statement

Free Speech Movement

The Counterculture


Identity Politics


Nixon, Watergate and the Age of Limits

HW: Please read Chapter 32

4.29-5.9                REVIEW