Assignments 11.13

W 11.13

IM Discussion

Chapter 11


Beethoven’s Fifth Symphony

“Godamighty made a monkey”

the dozens

Buckeye the Rabbit

Brer Rabbit

Samson in the Old Testament

Rankine, Ulysses in Black

HW: IM, chapters 12 and 13 by Monday

Th 11.14

IM Discussion

The Hero

M 11.18

IM Discussion

Three Column Analysis

HW: IM, chapters 14 and 15

T 11.19

IM Discussion

HW: Close reading paper

Please choose a passage from Invisible Man.

Using the Three Column Analysis, write a 2-3 page essay on the passage that explores its literary and historical value. Ideally, your essay will also connect with other pieces that we’ve read this quarter. Due Monday 11.25

Chicago Style Formatting

W 12.4

Introduce Research Paper

HW: IM Chapter 20

Work on Research Topic

Th 12.5

IM Discussion

HW: IM Chapter 21

F 12.6


HW: IM Chapter 22

M 12.10

Sample Research Proposal

W 12.11

IM Discussion and Reading

HW: Please finish Chapter 23 and 24

Th 12.12

IM Discussion

HW: Please work on your annotated bibliography. Submit Monday 12.16.

Due date for outline changed to 12.19.