Assignments 1.16


W 1.16    B schedule

Course Intro

HW: Please go to the blog and post a youtube link to one of your favorite songs of all time. Listen to it three times, then write a paragraph about what makes it a good song.

Th 1.17    C schedule

My Song

The 100 Best Songs of 2018

HW: Please post a song on the blog that your parents love. Talk to them and find out why that's their song. Post a link, listen to it three times and comment.

F 1.18   D schedule

My Parents’ Song

HW: The 100 Best Songs of 2018 Post a link, listen to it three times and comment.

W 1.23    B schedule

Best of 2018

HW: Using the NPR song commentaries as models, please write your own commentary of 150-175 words (no more, no less) on a song of your choice. Post it on the blog and submit in pdf format to Showbie.

You may take note of the song's melody, beat, tone, texture and lyrics.

What emotions or feelings does the song evoke? Explain how you think these effects are achieved.

Can you connect the song to our current moment?

Make sure that you blend a lyric into your piece.

Include a word count in the upper right corner.

Due 1.24 at 8:15 am

1.25        C schedule

Continue with Music of Native Americans

HW: Pop Charts Native Roots and “Rumble and the Rock Canon”

Please choose two Native American musicians cited in either article, find one sample of their music, and post a comment.

1.29        E3 schedule


HW:Lowery, Lowery, The Low Hum

2.7            C schedule

English and Irish Ballad Tradition

The Ballad Tradition in America

Characteristics of a Ballad

HW: Please search for an “eternal ballad,” then post and comment on the blog. Please be sure to touch on the qualities that make it a ballad.

2.8                D Schedule

Contemporary Ballads

HW: Floyd, African Traditions in Black Music

Levine on the Spirituals

Richard Allen’s Hymnal

Please find a performance of a hymn from Richard Allen’s Hymnal. Post and comment.

2.12              F Schedule

Jefferson Notes

HW: Please read W.E.B. DuBois, The Sorrow Songs

Please find a performance of a spiritual from this site. Post and comment.

2.14            B Schedule

The Spirituals

Blackface: The Birth of an American Stereotype

HW: Please read The Long-Gone Sound of Amede Ardoin and post a comment

2.15            C Schedule

Music of Louisiana

2.19            D Scheudule

Latino Traditions

HW: Michelle Garcia, Searching for La Perdida, choose an artist referenced in the article, listen to a sample, post and comment.