Assignments 2.18

2.18              B Schedule


HW: Albert Murray, Murray, Stomping the Blues

Please post a response on the blog.

2.19                C Schedule

Southern Crossroads: The Blues

Ellison on Jimmy Rushing

Ellison on Blues People

HW: Choose one of the following. Read the article and post a song from a blues artist named in it. Make sure to google the lyrics, then comment on the song.

Christopher C. King, Unearthly Laments

Cynthia Shearer, The Thinning of Big Mama Thornton

Tom Piazza, A Light Went on and He Sang

2.20               D Schedule

Evolution of the Blues

HW: Read this article by Daphne A. Brooks, See My Face from the Other Side

Choose an artist referenced in the article and comment.

2.24            F Schedule

Research Day

Begin researching your 3-5 song blues playlist. Your playlist should have a theme that links the songs together--unrequited love, trouble, weather, the Devil, hard times. You also might choose a set of songs by a particular musician, provided the songs constitute a coherent aspect of the artist’s ouvre.

The liner notes that accompany your playlist should add up to a coherent statement. You will want to give special attention to each song, but avoid a laundry list approach. Think of the liner notes as an essay on your theme and the songs as a way to expand the theme.

We have read some good music writing thus far, so use these pieces as stylistic models. You can also plumb ideas from some of the pieces.

Prepare to do some research. Begin with biographical information about the artists that you choose. Or if the song has been done by many artists, it will likely have an interesting history. Make sure that you follow a research trail beyond the first couple of entries in a google search. Wikipedia is a good place to start digging. You’ll find links at the end of the entry from credible sources. You must use at least two scholarly sources from JSTOR or Ebooks, both of which are available through our ‘Iolani libguides.

Please use Chicago Style citation for footnotes or endnotes. Make sure all your sources are credible. Be wary of blogs--make sure that the authors you cite are published and credible.

The songs that you choose must have blues elements, so if your song choice does not fall strictly within the blues genre, you must identify and explain the blues elements of the song.

The essay has a three page minimum and five page maximum. For the layout, one inch margins all around--top, bottom, left and right--and twelve point font. Essays that do not meet the minimum of three pages will receive a zero.

Complete draft due 2.27, including bibliography. Please drop the paper in Showbie as a pdf.

Here’s a sample paper in Chicago Style. Be sure you include a cover page.

Final draft due 3.3, 8:15am

2.26        B Schedule

Research Day

Cone, The Blues-A Secular Spiritual

Blues Format

Blues at the Library of Congress

National Jukebox at the Library of Congress

Cultural Equity

Robert Santelli, A Century Of The Blues

Albert Murray, Blues Music as Such

3.3        B Schedule

Country Music

HW: Wendy Brenner, About a Girl

Please comment on the article. Also choose two artists from the list, listen to two songs from each artist, post and comment.

3.4        C Schedule

Country Music

HW: Tom Piazza on Jimmie Rodgers

Please comment on the article and then choose some music from any of the tribute albums named in the article. Your post should address the durability or influence of Jimmie Rodgers music. What might the musicians bring out in the songs of Jimmie Rodgers?