Assignments 3.26


3.26        B Schedule  

New Orleans and the Beginnings of Jazz

HW: Gioia on New Orleans Jazz, p. 1-10. Giddens on Jelly Roll Morton.

Please read the Giddens piece carefully and listen to two songs cited in the article. Post a response on the blog--include the song titles.

3.27        C Schedule

Jelly Roll Morton

HW: Please read the Giddens piece on Louis Armstrong. Listen to three songs cited in the article. Post a response on the blog--include the song titles.

3.28        D Schedule

Louis Armstrong

HW: Please read Giddens on Duke Ellington Listen to three songs cited in the article. Post a response on the blog--include the song titles.

4.1           B Schedule

Duke Ellington

HW:Please choose one of the following articles, read, listen and post.

Billie Holiday

Ella Fitzgerald

Sarah Vaughn

Dinah Washington

4.2            C Schedule

Count Basie

Jazz Singers

HW: Please listen to this interview with writer Ben Yagoda. Scroll to the SECOND “listen” prompt. The interview is approximately 11 minutes long.

Then peruse these articles by music critic Terry Teachout. Choose two songs, post and comment.

Teachout Great American Songbook Part I

Teachout Great American Songbook- Part II

4.3            D Schedule

Great American Songbook

Please locate your songs on or and read about the history of your song. Then choose another performance of your song and compare with the version you chose for homework. Add a comment to your post.

HW: Teachout Great American Songbook- Part III

Teachout Great American Songbook- A Conclusion

4.5            F Schedule

Great American Songbook II

HW: Please choose one of the following jazz styles, read the article, listen to three songs and post a response on the blog. Prepare to share on Tuesday.



Cool Jazz and West Coast Jazz

4.9        B Schedule


HW: Please listen to the album “Kind of Blue” by Miles Davis. You can listen while doing other homework. Please write a comment on the blog.

4.10        C Schedule


HW: Please read this article on John Coltrane. Listen to some of the music referenced and post.

4.11        D Schedule   

Chasing Trane

HW: Please listen to three selections from the Chasing Trane soundtrack and comment.

4.17          B Schedule

Jazz Notes Paper

Please choose a jazz musician that you think made a lasting contribution to the art of jazz. You will need to do some research for the paper, so plan on using three sources from JSTOR and Ebooks.

You must also choose a set of three songs that supports your claim or claims about your chosen artist.

You will want to give special attention to each song, but avoid a laundry list approach. Think of songs as evidence for a claim.

We have read some good music writing thus far, so use these pieces as stylistic models. You can also plumb ideas from some of the pieces.

Begin with biographical information about the artist. This basic information can be found online or in encyclopedia data bases. The songs that you choose may also have been done by many artists, so it, too, will likely have an interesting history. Make sure that you follow a research trail beyond the first couple of entries in a google search. Wikipedia is a good place to start digging. You’ll find links at the end of the entry from credible sources.

Please use Chicago Style citation for footnotes or endnotes. Please do not cite tertiary sources. Make sure your sources are credible. Be wary of blogs--make sure that the authors you cite are published and credible.

The essay should be 750 words, give or take a few. Essays that do not meet the minimum of 650 words will receive a zero.

Due April 24 at 8:15 am.