Assignments 4.27

4.27   D 55 mins

The Fifties

HW: Halberstam on Elvis

4.29    F 70 mins.

Conformity and Subversion

HW:  Please listen to three songs each from two of the following: Elvis Presley, Johnny Cash, Carl Perkins, Roy Orbison, Jerry Lee Lewis, Chuck Berry. Please post and comment. Please be sure the recordings were made in the 1950s.



HW: Please read Alice Walker’s 1955 Choose three passages that you think makes for good writing. Prepare to discuss.

5.4    B 55 mins

Alice Walker, “Nineteen Fifty-Five”

HW: Read Stephanie Coontz, Families in the Fifties. Research one song that could function as evidence for any section of the essay. The song should illustrate a particular point, refine a point, or extend a point. You may also use the song as a rejoinder--a “however” point.

Please avoid songs that have already been selected in our unit on the Fifties songs that we have discussed in class.

Here is a year-by-year list of Billboard Top 100 songs. Post the song on the blog and include the page number in the essay where you will place it. In your post, provide an explanation for your choice.

You may want to peruse Patrick Diggins’ article A Decade to Make One Proud as a refresher for some of the themes we’ve been discussing in class. (The songs that he cites are also out of bounds.)

HW: James Patterson on the 1960s

Please be sure that you read before class.